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Team building :)

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Hi there! I have 2 questions: 1. How did you end up in the Skype on Xbox team? and 2. Do you have funny nicknames or fun stories to share?

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It's really an awesome group of folks to work with!

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I've worked as a designer on loads of Skype apps over the years, from TV's to cellphones, then most recently on HoloLens and now Xbox. There's always been new devices where people want to use Skype, and hearing the stories how people, friends and families stay connected with it make it all the more rewarding.

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I worked on the Skype UWP for Desktop, Skype for HoloLens (including getting Skype working from the International Space Station) before working on Skype for Xbox.  No funny nicknames, but I used to be able to whistle the two tones used to tell a 2400 baud modem it was connected.

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