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Q&A with the team behind Skype on XBox One

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Hello everyone


The Universal Windows Platform of the Skype app has arrived to Xbox One, with the Xbox One Creators update! The new dark look is tailored to match the Xbox experience, and the new UI puts gamers first, and loads of new controller shortcuts allow you to jump in and out of calls quickly, but also give you zoom and overall better control of the Kinect camera.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

The team would like to invite you to a Q&A with them on Tuesday, 18th of April, at 17:00-19:00 UTC / 12:00-14:00 EST / 9:00-11:00 PST. As always, we are very keen to get your feedback on our newest changes, and chat with you about your experience and our plans for the future.

Ask your questions on Twitter using the #SkypeFeedback hashtag, or start a new topic here!



Meet the Team!





Hello, I am Jigar Dani (GamerTag: Jamba Hulala). I am the product manager for gaming and mixed reality experiences in Skype. I have been in Skype for 2658 days (Work days: 2658). I am a mobile gamer and currently rule the world in clash of clans and clash royale. I retired at PokemonGo L34. I had a lot of fun bringing the new Xbox UWP experience to you with this great team and we’d love your feedback. Outside of work I like building small projects around the house, hike around the pacific northwest and watching NFL through the fall/winter. I am an ardent fan of the Dallas Cowboys!




Hi, I’m Jason, Engineer on Skype for Xbox One.  I was born and raised in sunny Southern California.  Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing soccer and DIY projects around the house.



I’m Karen, a Product Marketing Manager at Skype. I’ve had a lot of fun doing product marketing for various Skype clients over the past few years, working on Skype for Xbox One, Skype for, Skype for Android, Skype for Android, and now Skype Preview.




Hi, I'm Ryan. I am the Engineering Manager for Skype on Xbox, HoloLens and Translator. I have been at Microsoft for over 5000 days. Outside work I enjoy photography and travel.




Hi, I'm Lauren. I am the Product Manager for Skype for Xbox and Skype UWP telemetry. I recently finished school and started working at Skype after enjoying my internship on the team. Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering, hiking, and exploring the PNW. I love traveling and have been to over 80 countries, the Galapagos Islands being one of my favorite places!




Hi, I’m Christopher Gual.  I’m a developer for the Skype UWP. I’ve been working at Microsoft for 5,572 non-consecutive days (3,826 work days).  The first computer game I played was Wizardry for the Apple II+. When I’m not working I volunteer & DJ at Hollow Earth Radio and play board games with my kids.




Hi, I'm Oscar and I work as developer for the Skype Video Media team for the past 3796 days. I’m excited to see the new Skype UWP client for Xbox being available and eager to hear your feedback. Outside work I enjoy playing chess, baseball, watching a movie and playing Halo when my kids are asleep.




I'm Mark (Gamer Tag: MrClocky) and I'm a designer on the Skype Xbox UWP team. I joined Microsoft as part of the Skype acquisition, moving from London to Seattle in 2014 and have worked on experiences for phone, tablet, web, HoloLens and Xbox.  Starting with the C64 demo scene, I've been games obsessed for over 20 years, which currently has me spending way too much time in Stardew Valley.




Hey, I'm Ermin. I've been with the Skype team for 6 years. I've worked on most components of our video pipeline. Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, preferably on a beach   I hope you enjoy the revamped app for Xbox. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions for new features. Don't be shy



I joined Microsoft as part of the Skype acquisition. Held a variety of roles from Skype on the web, integrating Skype on key Microsoft partners such as, enabling chatbots and Skype and most recently responsible for Skype Preview. Before joining Microsoft I have worked for Trulia leading the social and community division and Yahoo! working in a variety of roles, always focusing on building Communities and Communications experiences. I hold an MA on Communications Policy from City University, London. I have two kids and I live in San Francisco.

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