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Skype calls not ringing on IPad and IPhone

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Since on of the recent Skype updates when I get a Skype call it rings on my main PC but not on my iPad and iPhone. This is very irritating as my main pc is in my basement and I do not always hear it ringing. It also means when I am out and about I am not Ble to pick up calls on my iPhone. Previously it would ring on all three. I live in USA and most of my family are in the UK and with the time difference getting the calls on my iPhone is needed.
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Accepted by Laurent95 (Former Staff)
‎28-08-2015 11:00

Hey guys, I've been pissed that my iphone does not sounds. After a day of searching for the cause I changed the status of the DoNotDisturb to Online. All good...

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Hey, have u tried making sure ur iPad isn't on mute (button to left of volume)and making sure in ur general settings all ur sounds are "on". Those were my issues.
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Thank you so much for the information, I too was frustrated. I had all my sounds on, and still I could not hear any calls while Skype was running in the background. I finally got it working by doing the following. Under Notifications I selected Skype. Then I enabled the following: 1. Made sure the notification center was on 2. Banners 3. Badge App Icon 4. Sounds
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My iphone was ringing normally for weeks and now it is not.  I have checked all the logical things to check (notifications etc.) but still Skype keeps appearing to sign out as soon as I click out of skype to go to another app.


When I click back to Skype, it displays "signing in" despite my setting at "never" sign out.


What could have gone wrong with this?  I have just allowed another Skype upgrade - could this be the problem or is it an Apple problem?


I need to resolve this as the only reason I bought an iphone was for the skype!!!!


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I have tried all this and have sound on other apps but Skype has no sound coming in. I can be heard by the person on other end
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same problem since some months in 4 terminals, 2 in italy and 2 in austria. We are looking for better applications (viber works perfect but no video, facetime maybe, but must be always on in bckground, etc. ..... 🙇😰 )
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about the rings problem (we have since some months) ... I think we can only wait for apple and skype teams that finally they could make a final good (??) update. For the sign request you tell it's crazy... can be you close the app by the log-out (had the same problem). This is a mistake of apple programmers, they still ignore some settings bugs. You should never log-out from skype, just close it from the home button or kill the app, for better reset. To kill the app usually helps to reset a good connection with the skype servers too. Good luck.
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I had the same problem. Discovered that iPad was on mute. Seemed only to affect the incoming ringing and nothing else. Ie could still hear all voice communications even my alam clock programme worked.
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if it was so easy a solution ... ! really do you think so a lot of people are so naif to forget audio in mute mode or to ignore alarm and notifications setting? indeed, this is only the hardest, crazy, cronic bug ... growing like a worm in the apple, since the skype company was sold to microsoft. Sorry, there is something rotten... in Denmark :-( of course.
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I was just testing this on an iPhone 3gs to see if it works and no. I double checked my settings in the phone, all sounds are on in skype and in the phone settings. I downloaded the skype app yesterday, so that should be the newest version. Im using 4.0.1313


It didn't even notify me of the call until I re-opened the skype app!

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