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It shows I have one new message but there are no new messages in Messages window

Casual Adventurer

The app icon and Messages window in app both show that I have 1 unread message but there are none. 

Already logged out and logged in, killed app, restarted phone but the red 1 digit is still there.

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Same problem...
Would an admin please answer how to fix this?

Also, I went through and deleted EVERY SINGLE CHAT in the messages section. So the "Messages" icon is telling me there is an unread/unlistened-to message, but there are literally no messages of any kind in the list. This is very frustrating...
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Casual Tourist

Yep. Same issue is very annoying!!!

Have tried installing the app again, going through every contact message on my iphone but no difference. There is nothing showing on my mac skype as unread.

Casual Adventurer

It's very strange that in February I reinstalled the app and the message notification disappeared.

Then the day before yesterday it came back again, reinstalled app and it was gone again, but after couple of hours it came back again. No messages at all in iPhone client, and no unread messages in Windows client.

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Same issue here but I get the notification on the people icon but no new person added by myself or vice versa. I guess now that Microsoft owns Skype we can expect such annoying bugs as regular occurrences. Oh well another good software bites the dust. Thanks Microsoft!
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And the same issue here!!!

Frustrating when you think someone has sent you an important message, and you think you should be able to access it, only for there to be no way you can get that 1 to convert into the actual message.

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Happens to me too on Windows 7

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I'm having the same problem and I can't find a solution anywhere.  I was able to figure that it was a spam call so I'm not so worried about missing an important message, but I'm getting tired of seeing that stupid 1 on my app.  It does go away if I uninstall and reinstall but it just happens again.  I do wish the Skype admin people would do something about this.  There's got to be a way to delete the little annoying 1.  Will somebody from Skype please address this???????

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I have a similar problem. It's not chronic. It just started. I'll be logged on to Skype but I'll be online just doing whatever. But then I hear the little bubble noise (or whatever it is) indicating that I have received a new message. I open Skype and there's nothing there. There aren't any orange dots or numbers on any of my contacts or in the home menu. I don't know why it's making the noise when there weren't any indications whatsoever of a new message. I'm very confused. If anyone knows why, please help me out!! Thanx =)

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This is so annoying and no one at Skype helps. My first reply email from support had useless instructions on how to set up and check voice messages. I have done everything they suggest and still getting email alerts when there are no calls. I will call the people just in case and they say they did not call. Skype, and customer service, has been getting progressively worse since Microsoft bought it. Microsoft screws up everything they touch. I wish they would have left a good thing alone.

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