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It shows I have one new message but there are no new messages in Messages window

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I get the 1 runread message problem all the time on Skype for Android, and on Skype for Windows Desktop if I'm on a call, I can't get rid of the last unread message notifier until I'm off the call. Seems like it's a cross-platform issue with many variants, so I think we should look elsewhere for help rather than confining this to the iOS section.

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This is still happening to myself and a few friends of mine.  We all have skype on our PC and our phones.  When on mobile the skype notification comes in and when I go to check the message nothing appears.  It is only until I shut the ap down completely and reopen it that I get the message...IF it feels like giving it to me.  

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Obviously Skype needs to address this issue as I have the same problem as many others,,,come on Skype lets have an answer!!!
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It happens to me too! Still in 2014 people have this stupid issue! Even a bunch of my freinds who are in the chat group that's says there are unread messages have this problem. HELP US SKYPE!

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I have the solution for this bug ! at least to quit the stupid notification...
Just right click on the "recent" tab and press "Mark all as read" and VOILA! the fake notification is gone.

Screenshot for reference:


I have the same problem everyday! It's so annoying and frustrating..Hopefully Skype fixes it...although i doubt they will -_-

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This works, but, you will never know if you missed any messages...

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same is happening to me on my computer its driving me mad! Lots of notifications but no messages are showing up. Soemtimes they do sometimes they dont. SORT THIS PLEASE GRRR

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Might as well chime in. I am having the same issue on the windows version. I am using windows 7. I do not have this problem on mobile. 

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I was able to get rid of the notification by deleting my IM history under pirvacy. But keep in mind that it deletes EVERYTHING.

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