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IMO-- Skype Messaging

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As we all know, Skype on the iOS plain and simple doesn't work.  It has been this way for a long while now.  There is no end in sight.  And the half-wits working the app simply do not care, or are too stupid to fix it.  


So, in case you didn't know about it, the IMO app is an all-purpose messenger on the iPhone/iPod/whatever else that allows you to sign on to your Skype account (as well as AIM, Steam, MSN, Facebook, Google Talk, etc) and message through that.


Because of the unceasing failure by the development crew, and the absolutely unacceptable attempts at pacifying complaints by this board's administrators, I think we should all officially adopt IMO as our new means of communication on the iPhone.


They clearly do not care.  It's time to move to somewhere that does.  

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I'll just bet you are a ton of fun to be around!  Have you yet noticed that your small group of friends that remain, avoid going anywhere in public with you?  


Have you noticed that your pets have posted signs looking for new owners?


Has NASA yet contacted you about participating in their field test on harnessing negative energy?


BTW, your ex didnt pass away, she just doesnt want to speak with you again.  


Hope you find happiness, and a product worthy of your standards.   I am guessing a celestial answer is your best bet.   Just as a wild guess, I'd suggest.... Uranus.

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Anyone know if there are any other IM clients that support Skype as of whatever they did the past couple days to break it from IMO?
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Yeah, MS fiddled with it probably because they are envy for's success.



RIP skype

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People are looking for alternatives such as IMO, only because Skype doesn't use the push notifications system on iPhone and drains the battery just to keep it's connection alive. I don't know why they don't use push system which was designed to be used specifically in such cases?

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Now that I'm forced to use Skype, at least disabling all notifications from Skype keeps its battery usage to a minimum. I don't have to bring a charger with me wherever I go now.
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Yeah, way to go MS to completely and utterly --- up again! :mad:  n):

Fix the support for NOW!

I'm not going to install the skype app on my phone and probably will soon remove it from my computer. And I hope (and will persuade) others follow my suite.


Thanks for ruining it for everybody.


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I'm not IPhone user - but i want my IMO back!
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I have a chromebook, and can't download IMO because it says:

"We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your domain administrator for access."


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How can I call my friends and family now?

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