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How to login by facebook account on skype for iphone

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I am having the same problem but cannot get in touch with Skype support. I just get sent to the "community" 


Skype will not accept my facebook password even though I just changed it. through Skype

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This really ticks me off. I need to use Skype - with my Skype number that I pay for - on iOS in order to stay in touch with my company's clients.


It's not possible to sign in with Facebook on the phone/iPad like I do on the computers. I have tried to follow advice in this thread and merge a Microsoft account with my existing Skype profile, but that doesn't work either, because that ALSO requires signing in with a Skype name. There's no "Sign in with Facebook" button, and it doesn't allow using the facebook: username.


Come on Skype, there has to be a simple solution to this that doesn't take years to implement. It can't be THAT hard!

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Kadri wrote:
Unfortunately it is not possible to log into Skype for iOS with your Facebook account, so you can not use the same account on your mobile. You need an existing Skype or Microsoft account to log in on Skype for iOS.

Why? Is there a reason not to allow long-time Skype users to run the app?


If I had known this a couple of years ago I would never have merged my Skype account with my Facebook account, but now it's too late. A lot of people use my current Skype name and number to reach me. If I create a new account to use for mobile they still won't get hold of me when I'm out and about. 


I've been waiting for a solution to this for years. Not kidding; years.


If you can't fix it, find a way to work around it. There has to be a way to satisfy this demand from your users.

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This is ridiculous. After the launching of ur fancy update on ios, there's still no way to log in from a fb account. I've much balance on my fb account and I just can't use it at all from my phone, nor get my credit return. This is HUGE INCONVENIENCE!!! And all i can do is have two accounts and ask my friends to add me from two accounts and msg me via both accounts. THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS!!!! FIX IT PLEASE!!!!

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I created my Skype account by signing in with Facebook, and from what I can tell this means downloading the app to my phone or ipad is pointless.  Is there a way to get logged into Sykpe on iOS when the account was created using Facebook?

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I purchased a recurring subscription for calling within USA. Now, I bought the subscription using Facebook Skype login on my laptop, little realizing it's not the same as Microsoft login. My iphone 5 application cannot take anything other than Microsoft login or simply skype name login.  So I figured out what I should use as my skype name if it's the facebook login and put the password that goes with my facebook a/c. NO LUCK.  I don't understand why skype had to make it so difficult.  Is this rocket science?

Bottom line, I purchased a subscription I cannot use.

Can somebody help please.



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I have to disagree and I refuse to create 2 accounts. Thats complete and utter BS. I have Tons of contacts on my facebook but have to create 2 accounts because the skype developers are too lazy to put the most basic form of authenication on their application. But You know Microsoft owns skype, hints why this "Free" service is acting so **bleep** all the sudden. What there needs to be is another solution. A competitor with the same protocol. Its rediculous they keep coming out with all these meaningless updates and keep avoiding the real issue. I too merged my Skype Account with my facebook account and now I have to suffer for this ? 

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You know, it's not just skype but also facebook. I'd keep your life simple and not rely on fb. It's a temporary holding spot anyway. Technology is and always has been workaround. 

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I managed to log on to my account on my iPad, but it looks like it's a different profile as I don't see my contacts... Way too difficult!

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this is retarded. what a stupid **bleep**ing thing.