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Deleting unwanted contacts on skype for ipad

Casual Adventurer

Deleting unwanted contacts from my contacts list on skype for ipad, i get requests from people unknown to me, how do I delete them? 

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Former Staff
If you click on the request, you should on the right side see an "x" and a tick, if you click on the "x" the contact will not be added, and the request should not be visible after that anymore.
Casual Adventurer
that does not work, I still cannot delete them from my contacts list
Casual Tourist

I just figured this out on my iPad mini - - touch and hold on the contact - all your contacts will jiggle (as they do when moving an app on the iPad) and an "X" will show - just touch the X and that contact will be removed.    Worked for me - hope it will for you!


Casual Adventurer
No that don't work either, but thanks anyway
Novel Tourist
Thanks heaps that works on my regular ipad and finally enabled me to be rid of a couple of pests!

It works!  Thanks.

Novel Adventurer
Thanks it works for me
Novel Adventurer
Thanks it worked for me
Novel Tourist
Hold down unwanted contact and slowly slide to the left and a red square will appear on the right, use other hand to press the red square and unwanted should be deleted.
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