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Deleting contacts in Ipad app

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Since there is absolutely no suport throughout Google and, I am forced to ask the question here.


How to delete skype contacts in iPad app? I tried to login to website. There is no contact list there. I can't do it in iPad app either.


Please advise.

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Accepted Solutions
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Press and hold contact until a little X appears in the corner. Click on the 'X', answer yes to the question that pops up.
Problem solved!

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Open Skype for iPad . On right side tap the Skype contact, all contact icon appear, touch and hold the icon you want to delete until a X appear at the left upper corner of the icon. Tap the X to delete the icon.Then tap cancel button at the right upper corner after finish.
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This works on my All Contacts profiles but it doesn't work on a specific contact in the iPad Contacts list. I have no idea how this person got into my list and I want them deleted.
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I have a few folders of contacts, none of which I set up. I want to delete the All Contacts folder/icon. I touched the folder/icon on the iPad screen for some time and the X mentioned below never did appear. I did not give permission for Skype to copy my address book. How did this happen? How do I undo what Skype did with the newst upgrade?
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Did you ever get an answer? I have some person "Amanda" that has suddenly shown up down the left side of my skype screen. Tapping her little icon picture only results in her name on a bar accross the top of my screen. Holding it does nothing, there doesn't appear to be any way to get rid of her. She does not show up in any of my contact lists that i can find.

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flyboy77, if the person doesn't appear in your contact list, then she has sent you a contact request but you haven't accepted it yet. If you do not know the person, then please click on the contact request, and then the 'x' on the right side, the person will then not be added to your contact list and the request should disappear.
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Thanks a lot you arefantastic!!!!
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How do I remove a Skype contact on my Mac iPad?

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I had this problem until I realised that sky automatically adds the contacts that are in the iPads contacts folder. Open iPad contacts and delete the contacts from that folder fIrst. They will then disappear from the skype iPads contacts folder.

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Thx, I looked into that already, the problem person was not in my ipad contacts list.