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2GB / hour data usage

Casual Tourist

I have to completely agree with all the posts so far. I have found that the last version of Skype app for iPhone uses approximately 10 MB per day just sitting idle and watching if someone contacts me. As my data plan is only approx. 300 MB/month, I would basically spend all of it just to keep Skype alive.


I also believe that this was not the case some time ago, but I did not make accurate measurements of the idle data consumption back then.


So if someone at Microsoft could address this issue, that would be terrific.

Casual Adventurer

I too have been hitting crazy data usage on Skype, I never make or receive vid calls on my iOS device, just my desktop pcs. I mainly IM and this is via the desktop. I love having the ability for people to IM me when I'm away from my PC, I hate it when it costs me 300 - 500 MB a month just for "syncing" messages from my desktop (I don't use IM that much, usually only 10 - 15 lines of text a day).

Novel Tourist
Installed skype on my new iPhone. I have wifi everywhere and skype managed to "eat" 100mb in 4 days just for being idle.

Novel Tourist

Same issue. I encountered in the issue of "huge cellular usage from skype but not using it". It happened since last Dec when I upgrade skype. Still not fixed.

Casual Adventurer

Yeah, I noticed this problem around Dec last year, with the big update.

Casual Tourist

On top of high data consumption even during non activity (no voice, no video, no pics)

comes the fact that, while the phone is connected to WiFi Skype continues to eat the capacity from your cellular data account if a cellular data network is available.

Only work arround so far was to switch of Skype for 3G usage while in WiFi coverage.

Definetly a step back.

Novel Tourist
I also have an issue nearly the same.Got a shock with last Skype call and saw they took 650mb for an hour where as a few weeks ago only took just over 300.why are they taking so much now?????
Novel Adventurer

I have a small client base of local PC users who have little or no computer savy. They are all Pensioners who are usually on a cheaper Internet Plan. I now have 8 of them who have complained that they have very slow internet. Investigation shows that they have surpassed their download limit and have been "slowed" by their ISP. This has been happenning for approx 4 month. It became obvious what the problem was when one couple used all their entitlement within the first two days of their billing cycle. Two Skype Video calls to New York. There was nothing else of any significance. We are now looking the the "Google" alternative. Goodbye Skype, and typical of Microsoft.

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Skype is starting to be ridiculous the amount of data it uses. This was a great app Microsoft is starting to kill it. If they don’t do anything to fix this issue they will surly lose all these loyal customer that is using Skype. I have skype open 24/7 open on my 3pc, phone and ipad I barely do any video call just IM and skype is eating up almost 1gb data if I do 1 video call and voice  it’s in the 2 to 3gb mark that insane. SKYPE Team Fix This.

Novel Tourist

12 gb @ 180$ pre paid data. Some Skype calls and surfing only.

12gb in 6 days???

Daily cost, $49.76; $51.71; $52.20; 

Are you %#)*)! SERIOUS.

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