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why does skype on my iphone 4s constantly switch off??

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Having the same problem with my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 both running iOS 5. Skype goes offline by itself and as a result lots of incoming messages/calls are missed.


Since there is a long silence over this, i can't help but start thinking that this is rather a political issue. I am a software enginer for quite a long time, and from my expirience it would be nonsense not addressing such a sirious problem in months. This whole situation looks like either Apple is trying to make people start using FaceTime or Microsoft pushing towards WP7. For myself, I rather believe the former because despite Microsoft having done a lot of stupid things lately this one one would be a shere stupidity that is in fact pushing people to switch to Android (unless Skype also becomes unusable on Android).

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i doesn't work om my ipad2 neither. keep missing calls
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I found out that skype won't go to offline when only 3g is connected. But when wifi is connected then skype shuts off. Amazing, how hard can it be to make skype shift from wifi to 3g and back without going offline, but now. 


Apple, Skype little effort, please

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so it's been how many months and still no official response or fix from skype? WTH! c'mon guys, this is not an app we use to play a game here and there, it's an app we use to communicate for business or personal reasons, like ehem...a we cannot just sit down and wait, and tell our business and family contacts that we're not ignoring them as it seems we are.
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Just spent the last two hours on chatting with a skype representative. She dished out everything from, "are you logged into multiple devices?" to "skype logs you out the instant you exit the app." . . . . .REALLY!? There is a reason why skype has multitasking. Whats the point if it logs you out? Anyways, after about two hours, she says, "let me check my sources." and comes back 2 mins later with a link to this page. . . . Then she "elevates the issue to level 2 support. Rest assured this issue will be looked into closely". Yah ok. In summary, i come away knowing I'm not crazy (other people have the same issue) and thats about it.
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I got my problem upgraded to tier two with a promise that they would respond to my issue. That was last week. I'm going to wait a week and then email the head of the app development department.

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I am encountering the same problem on my 4S - but find that the problem is really down to when Skype running on 3G - works perfectly fine when on Wifi.. I have all the latest software updates and have reset the phone/networks un-installed/re-installed everything and tried it with the wifi turned off.

As most of us have work to do where perhaps there isn't wifi available this is a major problem. My husband is working oversea's at the moment and I flick off line that often during the day we miss eachother because of this issue.

Come on Skype sort this issue out - I am spending at least £40/50 every month trying to talk to my husband so it's not like I am not paying for this service..
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My girlfriend in China has the same problem with her Iphone. Interesting is the fact that I had the same problem with my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy II). I reverted to an old version and now set off my "auto update" to off. It's now running smoothly for over 6 months. Wonder sometimes who needs updates.
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I've found the solution and you won't imagine how simple it is.

[invalid URL]
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Did someone answer this question? Have have you learnt since?

It's been more than a half year and I am still having this issue... Does anyone know something?

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