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why does skype on my iphone 4s constantly switch off??

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Today I contacted Apple.

Their listen carefully!

"Save everything on your phone to your computer; reset your phone to factory settings; then, download Skype and test it. After that download and test each of your apps one by one until you have them all working and the phone is back to normal.. If anything doesn't work, let us know."

I am astounded by the high level technology of this solution, to be frank.


Come on either Skype of Apple. Both of you know there is a problem - there's enough about it recorded here; a "fix" is "coming" (hopefully before Armageddon) but you can't say when. Are we dealing with IT Communications concerns or amateurs on this issue?

One of you make that call to the other and resolve this stupidity.

Casual Adventurer
Forgot to mention I have 142 apps loaded. Now won't that take the weekend and several days to fix up?
Novel Adventurer

We've rolled out Skype on iPhones to all our staff at one site this week... and now all of the iPhone Skype clients keep turning off.  Of course when we did our testing for this program back in August last year this did not happen.


This is a bust and we may have to go back to BBerry.   n):

Casual Adventurer

Now that would seem to be reasonable commercial motivation for Skype to do something for its customers!!

Casual Adventurer
The weekend approaches!
Any progress, Skype?
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Is someone from Skype gonna give some updates on the issue!? I have a 4s, Skype randomly disconnects when it runs in the background (and it doesn't re-connect automatically), at Skype the big heads should realise that until they address this issue, their software it is just a fancy piece of junk! Many users are complaining, FIX THE PROBLEM!!!
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I have been in touch with a person in Skype via e-mail concerning this.
After verifying my iPhone software version, the Skype software version, the deletion and re-loading of the app, I was told that I could only join video conferencing using the phone!!!!!!!
I then replied, but instead of answering questions I was reminded that Skype won't work on VPN or on "jailbroken" iPhones.
I've responded, but no reply yet.
Casual Adventurer
Just to clarify...
re: joining video conferencing, the terms used were

"Kindly note that with your iPhone you can participate only in group video calling but cannot initiate the call."
Casual Adventurer

A little update.....


My problem has apparently been passed to the technical side of the Skype House. So far, the techies haven't presented me with either the results of their problem analysis or a solution. I have been advised that my particular problem isn't the same as the one described here, but I maintain it is at least related if it's not precisely the same.


I have also submitted a Skype crash report from my laptop's library for checking at Skype.


Over the last two days or so, I have made a point of shutting down all apps on my phone before initiating Skype. It hasn't had much effect on the call break-down frequency, though.


Tomorrow, I will try the same thing plus switching off the phone, switching it on again and then starting the Skype app.


All of this on and off business sounds fairly basic and "first-principles"-like - we used to do that kind of thing years ago when computers were in their infancy. Surely both Skype and Apple have both progressed from that level????


I see elsewhere that there are problems with Skype not remaining logged in on the iPhone 4, and using IOS 5.0.1, so I reckon all of these problems are in some way related - that is until the tech types tell me for certain they aren't!


Hopefully the techies will work over the weekend and will produce something by Sunday, which will be the seventh day Skype has been formally dealing with this issue.

Novel Tourist
I cannot seem to connect video calls on Verizon iPhone 4s. The phone will ring but when I answer the call ends automatically. This happens both when placing and receiving calls. It happens on wifi and 3G. I am new to this and may have some settings wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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