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why does skype on my iphone 4s constantly switch off??

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Novel Adventurer

When I click the skype icon on my iphone, skype starts up from scratch. It is not logged in. I had a samsung galaxy and this didnt happen. Skype was always connected.

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Routine Adventurer

I'm having similar problems.  I get no notifications when skype is supposedly running in the background. 

Did you check the settings scroll down to skype and set "sign out" to never?

Novel Tourist

I have the same problem. Never is checked in the log off menu, but still the app shuts down after 1h. also, messages do not get pushed through, so I never get a notification if someone leaves me a skype message, not by sound en not by display (a red circle with the number 1 in it like on computers)

also, when i make a call from my iphone, the speaker automatically turns to minimum, and i have to select "speakerphone" manually....

this is really annoying!!!!

Novel Adventurer
Same problem here, was hoping to find a solution, what did you guys do?
Routine Adventurer

Just turning on all the notifications fixed mine, I'm still looking for a way to ingore messages though...




Our development team is aware of the problems around Skype for iPhone behaving not in an optimal way while being on background. We are currently trying to fix this issue, however we are not able to tell you when exactly it is going to be fixed. 


I will make sure that your feedback is passed on. 


I am sorry for the caused inconvenience. 

If answer was helpful please give Kudos and if issue is resolved mark it with solution for other users. Thanks!
Routine Adventurer

Please ask them to make a way to ignore messages.  Many of us want phone calls only coming through.

Reliable Adventurer

This is ridiculous, did Skype do ANY testing before they released this version??


I mean really: all these people are having these gigantic bugs popping up, and Skype didn't notice them before release?

Casual Adventurer

I've had the same problem since acquiring an iPhone 4S. Skype used to work perfectly with my old 3GS, but with this new phone, an average 20 minute video call via Skype will collapse between 3 and 7 times, necessitating re-logging on etc after each collapse.

Apple have asked me to check my software; to delete and re-install the app. I have done all of this - several times in fact.

If I use Skype on my MacBookPro, I could video and chat til Doomsday, but in the same room, using the same Next Gen Broadband from the same router, Skype will collapse when used on my iPhone.

Since the facetime app is theirs, Apple are not very pressed about resolving the issue, since I suppose Skype is in semi-direct opposition to their own app. They acknowledge that they have some responsibility in the matter as they permit the app to be advertised & downloaded through their app store. Tomorrow i will confront them once again, but I don't expect much progress other than a variation of "it's not our fault"

I have tried switching on all notifications....and switching them all off. The results are the same - Skype switches itself off and I have to log-in from scratch and wait for a minute or so for it to get me back on-line.

There is something wrong - I'm not sufficiently technologically competent to say where the fault lies, but surely between two giants in the IT industry - Skype and Apple - a solution shouldn't be all that difficult to find and implement? Should it?


Novel Tourist
Hey Mart: You wrote this over a month ago. 'seems to me like a rather disabling issue (as distinct from your careful use of "not optimal" ! ... any news from your dev team on the expected delivery time of a solution ? ... thx in advance for any news. - r d
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