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skype to skype wants $4.99

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I downloaded Skype for iphone 5, husband downloaded Skype for his Android.  We were on my mifi  since we do not have a cell signal at the house doing a test call supposedly a "skype to skype" and it wants $4.99.  I thought that it was free.


I also tried a Skype on iphone to a landline and it wants $4.99.  I thought that this was free too.  Help.

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Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Calls to landlines and mobile phones incur a charge.
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Trying to make a skype account to skype account mobile phone call and skype wants $4.99 for the call.  It's supposed to be free.  Is this a scam?  Or, what are the steps to make a call? 

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Please take a look here to see what's free and what costs a little:

If what you find on that page to be contradicting what you were expecting: Can you please explain where you learned that calls from Skype to mobile phones were supposed to be free?

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