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skype ipad2 settings

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Novel Tourist
am unable to access settings for skype on my ipad. does anyone have similar problem.
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Novel Tourist
Yes, same problem
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You can access Skype generic settings under iPad native settings menu. After opening it, please scroll down and you will see the Skype settings. 

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Novel Adventurer

Yes I managed to do that & get to some very simple settings features but how do I set the privacy preferences so that I don't have unwanted call or automatic video access by unknown people

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Novel Adventurer

I have been clicking around for a couple of hours on this issue as I got an ipad for my mother & set up the skype but she has no computer. I just resolved it by logging out of skype on my computer & logging in with her account details & I adjusted the privacy settings. I note that now the default video setting is to allow contacts only to video. This should have been less time consuming to sort

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Casual Tourist
what you call the id ”native setting"is the "Setting" app, with the set of grey dented wheel for an icon? If I scroll down the list, I find Skype logo, click on it but i only see there the Sign in Automatic, Go Online options and the name of the Skype version.... Where is this setting thingy you are talking about?
Thank you for your help

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