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skype for iPad 3.6.59 - microphone problems

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Novel Adventurer
Just installed new version and it seems to have problems with the microphone - I can hear well, but people that I am calling are telling me that they can barely hear me - I sound like behind the glass and very distant. Just reverted to previous version 3.5.454 and the issue went away - people hear me laud and clear. I am using iOS 4.3.5 (8L1); iPad 2 WiFi
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Casual Adventurer

how were you able to revert back?

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Novel Adventurer
I performed update on the iPad using app store; previous version was still in my iTunes as did not update there. It turns out to be good solution and managed to revert back.
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we cant seem to find the old version anywhere, we are new to ipads. cant find the trash bin either
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