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no Audio for SKype video call on IPAD 2 os 4.3

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Accepted by Laurent95 (Former Staff)
‎28-08-2015 11:00
Very small button bottom right on back of iPad,next to sound switch bar. switch it from red to a closed position, so you can't see the red light. This will solve problem. It also explains why it worked previously, as you may have switched it accidentally when adjusting your sound!
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Turning up the volume on my iTunes worked,thank you to the person who suggested that solution
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I could't get audio. Went to Pandora. No audio. Checked audio bars, on side of iPad. Audio was off or to low to hear. Raised volume, everything ok. Too simple.
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I had the same problem. You have to make sure the tiny button next to your volume control on your ipad is showing white and not red. I had mine on red to freeze my orientation and I had no sound using skype. When I flipped it to white the sound was fine.
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On io7 ==> Settings ==> Privacy ==> turn on for Skype

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Here is the Solution!!!!

iPad > Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Skype > On!
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Thanks this is the only one which worked for me
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