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newer version of skype has serious faults with iphone 4 . horrible tech support

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I recently updated skype to the newer release as of Oct 2011. Boy am i sorry for doing so.

With all the previous versions of skype, i could access my Fido voicemail with not issues.

but since the newer release? forget it!!! Fido keeps saying " sorry invalid phone number" typed in.

Obviously, Fido wont recognise the dial tones skype sends.

i sent 15 emails to skype tech support. all i get is automated **bleep** answers. The most lied to into my face was: " just install the latest version of Apple OS 5 and it WILL work". Ya right!d

after installing the OS5 (which works great BTW) yep as you might of guessed, to access Fido Voice mail. Nope, it still doesnt work worth **bleep**!

skype tech support is quick to blame Fido for not recognising the dial tones it sends but hey wait a minute. If this were the case then why did all the previous versions of skype worked?

to me, skype is like Enron, its just another stupid corportation hiding behind their huge facade not afraid to lie to the public.

as for tech support , **bleep**! what a bunch of lying stupid **bleep**s!

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cannot copy text and font has no resolution and NO help conduit...Skype sucks

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I have installed the skype on my iphone4. It seems to ring but the other person can not hear the ringing.

But I can talk to them via lap top.

Any suggestions?


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