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iphone deleting chat history

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How do u delete/managw chat history from skype on iphone 4S?

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Please see the FAQ article here:

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On iphone if u want to delete chat on skype just go to recent then left hand upper part there is edit click it then swipe the name or id of the person left to right it will be gone thx
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And also swiping left to right comes red delete button just press delete
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The Apple iPhone has the capability to connect to the Internet and let you browse the web through its built-in browser. If you want to delete the chat history in your iPhone's browser, you can do so through the browser's properties.

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Once you delete your chat history of iPhone, you can recover them from iTunes backup files on condition that you have  make a backup of your iPhone, or in other way, you can recover deleted SMS from iPhone with iPhone Data Recovery as well as recover your chat history, hope it can help you a lot!

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Chat history is an important part of your daily mobile use. All types of chat details can be checked through this option. But, sometimes chat history can be lost from your iPhone due to some reasons and this can be a big problem for you. But, you can get back all of your chat details if you have any previous backup file.

But, if you don't have any backup or you have never connected your iPhone to your PC, then how can you recover this? Then, the best solution is to use the iPhone data recovery program by which you can recover and restore all of your lost files easily on your PC. It scans your phone and recover your chat history and the other lost files easily. It is really very simple and fast.

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There is no EDIT in the upper left corner, or upper right for that matter.  The current suggestions about swiping to the right does not work, the response about the EDIT appearing does not work with LATEST version of Skype for IOS.


How can you delete chat history or individual conversations in the latest Skype for IOS version?  Even Microsoft can not possibly be so stupid they left this function out....   cn they?







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Rob - MS has removed the functionality to delete chat history with Version 5.0, so you cannot remove past chats at all. Your only option would be to revert to the previous version, if it is still in your iTunes library on your PC or Mac:

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It is really hard to believe MS could be so stupid as to remove what amounts to very fundamental functionality...  but accept they have been. 


I am using an iPhone 5 and a Mac.  Not sure how to find version 4.17 in iTunes (no iTunes icon on the phone) on the phone. Can anyone please provide some detailed instructions, thanks?





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