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ipad 3 video problem

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The skype application isn't recognizing my camera and won't allow me to make a video call. I went to the apple store to find out of if there were any problems with the ipad (and it's camera) and they are working fine.  Does the SKYPE application need updating for IPAD3?  if not, how can i fix this problem?

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Casual Tourist
Same problem here. Just got 3rd gen ipad Friday march 16. When logging into Skype, Camera defaulting to off. I can turn the back camera on sometimes and other party sees what I see and then sometimes from there I can turn on front camera and then video freezes, but most of time out going (my picture) is not transmitting. camera keeps going back to off position! However I can see the other party just fine. Other party has 2 nd gen iPad. Also like everyone says, the Skype toolbar no longer accessible!
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I tried using Skype for Ipad on my new Ipad (3rd generation). The call went through with the audio but I did not get an image back of my friend.  I could see myself in the lower right hand corner and she was able to see me. She has a Mac computer.  It kept saying image initiating but an image never came up on my screen.  Tried deleting the ap and reloading but it does the same thing.  No incoming picture.

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Same problem.  Contacts didn't synch.  Get message that contacts on computer Skype need to give permission! 

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I am on the new iPad and I can hear the other person but can not see them and they can not see me. Did you find out how to fix the problem?
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Same problem here I can see my video on the bottom right hand corner but they do not see me at there end however audio is fine,

They are using an Ipad 2.

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Hello everyone, I, too, cannot see the other person, but I can hear them. Is there a response from Skype?
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Hey I had the exact same problem, is there a different program that allows proper video calling?
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Same problem, this is the 2nd time this has happened. I can see and hear the other person but they cannot see me although my picture is in the little square in the right hand lower corner. They can hear me but can't see me....please husband is in afghanistan
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I have the same problem with viewing video on my iPad 2!  It doesn't work at all!  I've read all of these common problems and I still haven't seen a response from Skype?  Do they even know how to fix this main issue?  Is there a better video chatting service for free that actually works?

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