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ipad 3 video problem

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Novel Tourist
I have the 3rd generation iPad and can't select video calling. My sister is in Australia, come on Skype, help us!!!!!!!
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Novel Tourist
Same ploblem: unable to do video call. The camera doesn't work on my new iPad3. Please help! I may return my iPad3 if I can't use Skype video call on it. =(
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Casual Adventurer
Hello everyone, I looked at the Skype, version 3.8, description in the App Store. Based on the description, the video on the iPad Skype only on works on the first generation. Go figure! I guess this is why Skype has not taken the time to respond to us. Very poor customer service! What do you think?
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I had the same problem on the ipad3. I found that if I sent a request to Skype to a person through my regular PC, when he accepted, the video worked fine on the ipad3 for a video call.
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Casual Adventurer
Great idea. I have sent out my requests. I'll let you know if it works for me. Thanks.
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Novel Adventurer
I think that you are absolutely right on this. I'm having the exact same issue on my new iPad. I've been reading a number of these postings and the same issues are popping up everywhere. The question is...what now ? I need to find a way to get an answer to this problem. All I wanna know is if and when it's going to get resolved.
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Novel Tourist
Does anybody have a solution to this problem for the iPad 3?
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I have the ipad3 and at first I can make calls and we can hear each other but won't allow me to make video calls after a few calls trying to figure out the when I call it says I need Skype credits????
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Novel Tourist

Could you tell e how did you installed skype on the iPad? I did try to download it and Safari "said" that it cannot download that software. FConti

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Novel Tourist
My i can only use messaging but no video. When can Skype bridge it appli to iPad 3
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