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ipad 3 video call camera icon not active

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Novel Tourist

I  just put Skype on my new ipad3 and when I make a video call the camera icon, on the bottom with volume and end call icon, is not active and I can't see my self.  How do I activate this icon?  I have skype on my laptop and never had this problem.

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Casual Tourist

Did you get a solution to your problem. As we recently bought an ipad and are facing the same problem. I coudl do voice calling on skype but the video button just is not active. Do i really need to buy a camera app to get the video activated?? and can you suggest any if so??

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Casual Tourist

Did you receive a response/solution?  I have the same issue ... iPad3, iOS6, Skype 4.1.1324 and I cannot initiate video (i.e., the video camera icon at the bottom of the Skype screen is not activated).  As with you, I have been using Skype on my laptop without any problems.

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Casual Tourist
I have same problem any solution?
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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem -- will anyone from skype reply?? Thanks!

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Novel Adventurer
I have the same problem. Previously I had video calls on Skype working on my iPad, but now the video call option does not appear. I can view another persons camera if they start the video call from their end, but it still doesn't show my camera.
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Casual Tourist
The person I call can view me , but I can't bring them in on my screen.
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Novel Adventurer
I never got a reply, but with a newer version of the Skype app it was fixed.
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