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incoming skype calls are not ringing on my iphone

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Casual Tourist

incoming skype calls are not ringing on my iphone.  It used to work but now doesn't. I can't find anywhere in the settings to fix this.

Any suggestions?



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Accepted Solutions
Novel Tourist
Accepted by Laurent95 (Former Staff)
‎28-08-2015 11:00

I had the same problem all you have to do is to log off your skype and log on again that should do it, mine is working now. You don't need to go to setting or change anything.


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Novel Adventurer
Accepted by Laurent95 (Former Staff)
‎28-08-2015 11:00
I Was having the same problem but found that by turning on the small button on the left side of the phone near the volume buttons sorted it for me, try that and you may be surprised

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Ever since iOS5 the ringer and display does not work. No notifications.

I live in a gated community and the gate is assigned to my Skype number. I also have clients who call me and they aren't getting through.

If I have to purchase a land line, I will sue in small claims for the cost of the service and loss of service.

Do not waste anyone's time with cookie-cutter answers.

My Skype isn't ringing nor shows up on the screen ever since iOS5. You should have been working on this with the developer packs.

I've deleted and reinstalled 3x. It is running. Volume is correct.

This is outrageous as I pay for Skype and am thinking of canceling and demanding a full refund.

You are pushing things towards class litigation here in the US. There is no excuse.

Microsoft now owns Skype. They are a US corporation and are liable.

Skype 3.5.117(
Notifications: Sound ON Alerts ON
Volume is at 100%
Ringer is at 100%
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Found a solution that works: go to Settings, then Notifications, then scroll down to Skype. Turn Notification Center ON, select ALERTS as the Alerts Style, then turn on Badge App Icon, Sounds, and View in Lock Screen. One more step so Skype doesn't log you out: Go back to Settings, scroll down to Skype, and turn on Sign In Automatically, then in the Go Offline section select NEVER, then in Notifications turn on both Sounds and Alerts. That should do it. Now my phone rings and Skype never goes Offline unless I log myself out on purpose.
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Casual Adventurer

Mine is set up exactly like you described, but skype is still unreliable. Attempts to contact me fail more often than not.

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Novel Adventurer

I can not hear the ringer on the SKYPE app. The volume is fine once connected to the network but can not raise the ringer volume. Ringer volume is correct for built in cell  phone. I can change volume on all other apps but not SKYPE.

Using version skype version 3.6.218

iPhone4 iOS 4.1


it seems to be an ongoing issue. I have paid for a number and unlimited service but can not hear calls. What is being done?

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Casual Adventurer

I have exactly the same problem, same full settings. Skype stays on for hours but often it logs off for unknown reasons. This makes it totally unreliable to get a call.  I noticed this mostly overnight. Next morning it is off.   There must be a way for Skype to fix it since, for example, FRING never goes off even after weeks.

iPhone 4  iOS 5.0.1   Skype 3.6.218

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The same happens with my Skype v3.6.218 after i upgraded to iOS5. Now it drives me insane be logging off by itself after being left alone for a while. A lot of people complain about this for weeks even months but nothing gets fixed. I can't believe that that kind of technical issue cannot be addressed for this long, for me now it is ethier Apple trying to switch us to FaceTime or Microsoft playing some insane game.

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Casual Adventurer
i paid for a number and yearly subscription and all i get is MISSING CALLS! can skype address this issue please? im being extremely frustrated.
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Novel Adventurer

I had the same problem today.


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Casual Tourist
Worked for me.. thanks!!
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