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incoming calls to iPhone4 skype drop

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Novel Tourist

I have installed the latest skype from AppStore on my iPhone4, can make an outcoming skype call alright, but any incoming call immediatelly drops. There is also no buzz, a call icon flashes for a second and then switches off. If i am lucky to detect the call - i can call back. But it is extremely inconvinient. Any suggestions how to deal with it?

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Casual Tourist

Aah, I've got the same problem.. but in reverse.

Sometimes, be it WiFi or not, I try and make a call and it will drop the call the very moment it is answered. To the point where I have to text the person to call me back.. and then it works..?! Incredibly frustrating, and NOTHING to do with bandwith.. have a 10mgb internet connection with nothing else using up bandwidth and this still happens..

Erm.. yep, anyone with this exerience also, or has a solution?

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