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iPhone App Automatically Ending Calls Started From Windows Skype

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I just installed the skype app today on my iPhone 4. I'm able to make video calls to my mom's home computer with no problems. When she tries to call me, the app shows there's an incoming call and then suddenly the iPhone app will end the call, the Windows Skype says it's busy. 


The iPhone was on Wifi when attempting this. 



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I am having the same problems. Making out going calls to telephone numbers or direct to other Skype users is just fine from the iPhone ( 4s os 5.0.1 ). HOWEVER, if a an incoming skype call or none Skype call is made to me on my iPhone it shows the call and then hangs up - automatically.


I have a skype account that I run on the iPhone .... also my laptop. I only have ONE running at a time - no problems with the laptop version. HELP



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I just installed skype on my iphone 4s and am having the same problem.  I don't see any solution responses to this problem, did you or anyone else ever resolve this?



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I have the iPhone App as well with a good amount of credit to make phone calls and all it does is say "Connecting" and then ends the call...


It wont even let me make calls with my Skype account on the computer!



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Hi there


I have the same problem with the iPhone of my wife. She get's just a short notification from skype and then the call is ending automatically. If she opens a call from the iPhone to the desktop or another iPhone it is working fine.


The funny thing is that a call from the desktop to my sons iPhone (also 4s) is working fine.


Any help in the universe..... 

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I am finding that if I call my wife's iphone4s from my iphone 4s the call works correctly. However, if she calls me, the call ends immediately after the first ring. I intially tried this from my iphone to my ipad2 and had the same problem. I uninstalled Skype from my ipad, hard rebooted and reinstalled and it fixed the problem. However this did not correct the problem between my and my wife's iphones.

Given the number of people complaining of this problem, I suspect this is a bug.
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My wife is having the same issue on her iPhone

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I am also seeing this on my iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1 (9A405). When my son initiates a video call from our iMac to my phone, the call is terminated immediately. So it's not just with the Windows client either.

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Hi guys I have had a quick look at this and its the Gender setting.
when calling my wife the call drops after a couple of rings every time.
Change her gender to male and it works every time, I guess the software guys add protection for the ladies from bogus callers but got it slightly wrong!
I hope this helps.
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Skype doesn't care. I have had the same problem from Iphone to Iphone on verizon and now with another new update on my Mac i have all 800 contacts on my contact list and cannot seperate them to only skype users as on Windows Skype. I am ready to give up now that Microsoft owns skype.

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