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iPhone 4S can't receive skype call

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Is there anyone have the same experience of can't receive skype call from iPhone 4s? Ring tone drops off straight away after first ring, and has no answer box to pick and goes off.


There is no problem to to dial out and chat ok.


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Novel Tourist

I have just purchased an IPhone 4S and have had exactly the same problem. No issue on sending Skype but receiving sykpe it drops out after 1 second, Help please.....

Casual Tourist
Novel Tourist
Having the same problems. The same seems to happen when making calls.
Any solution?
Situation is not workable.
Have to look at Fring or Tango.
Novel Adventurer

There IS a strange bug in the ios 5.1.1 on the iphone. 

I managed to get one call after login. But after the iphone have turned to standby and on again, you are not able to recieve any calls anymore. That is one thing. And yes.. to everyone who are friendly to tell about all the thing you have to turn on in settings. EVERYTHING is turn on as default. I have tried to uninstall skype, turned everything off, and turned everything on again. Nothing at all helps. Maybe you are lucky somethimes to get a call. But try to let the skype app work in the background, when doing something else, ..noway.. it does not work.

BUT.. are you the lucky owner of and IPAD withe the same IOS , and the skype app, then there is no problem at all....  

So dear supportstaff....please fix the bug... can see that lots of people have exactly the same problem.

Kind regard Lars 

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