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iPad microphone

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Novel Tourist
can' t speak but can hear on Skype for iPad. How do you unmute the microphone to speak on ipad
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Novel Tourist
Same problem, worked fine until I changed from Skype for iPhone to Skype for iPad.
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Casual Adventurer
I am having the exact same problem. No one can hear me but I can hear them.
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Casual Adventurer
Just the opposite for me. I first downloaded Skype on my iPad then later downloaded it on my iPhone. Now that u mention it, I believe that's about the time I started having this problem.
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Casual Adventurer
OK STAND BY Y'all. I think I may have a solution.
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Casual Adventurer
Ok Y'all. I think I have a solution. I think what is happening is that if you have 2 apps (one Skype app on the iPhone and 1 on the iPad) both are pulling for rescourses. I deleted the app on my iPhone and then had no problem. They can hear me again. I think if u have 2 Skype apps on the SAME NETWORK, this will happen. I think this will only work if each of your devises are on separate networks.
Casual Adventurer
SKYPE ADMINS? You owe me, whatever your going rate is, for tech support. LOL : )
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Casual Adventurer
Also, turning off one of your devises will probably work as well if you don't want to delete one of the Skype apps.
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Novel Tourist

i'm still not able to be heard (but i can hear others on my ipad) and i don't have skype on any other devices. any thoughts?

thank you!!


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Novel Adventurer
Last night I was working with Skype on my iPad 2 & my boyfriend's laptop to figure out why I could hear him but he couldn't hear me. On his laptop, in Skype, I went under Tools/Options/Audio Settings, from there he can change his microphone volume is that I can hear him.... Plus he has the option to listen to me through "Independent Headphones" OR "Speakers/Headphones". Once I selected Speakers/Headphones he was able to hear me on my iPad. Our problem solved. I can't wait to try it out, since he's working out of town for 2 weeks. Hope this helps a few of you out there.
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