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iPad can't HEAR and the volume button doesn't seem to work

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I travel for work a lot and have a young family at home. I bought an iPad and installed Skype and also bought a new computer with camera et al for home. Our calls work---we can see each other, and my family at home can hear me, but I cannot hear them on my iPad. I'm wondering if it is because my volume is at zero. Whenever I hit the volume button at the bottom of my screen, nothing happens: there's no thermometer. What should I do?
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Ensure your iPad volume is set to maximum and the speaker at the bottom of the Skype screen is on ( not on Bluetooth). Tell your family to set the computer microphone "ON" and maximum ( through instant message).
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I have a similar issue, im using a PC and my mum is using an IPad. On a video call, I can see and hear her, but she can only see me - she cant hear me. She can hear the IPad ring, so some sound is working, just not my voice......? Any help would be greatly appreciated :-) 

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Do you use the microphone of the webcam or the headset ? On the setting of the Skype choose the right source of your microphone.
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built in laptop mic and camera - using skype with others everything works ok, just when trying to use the IPad

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Ipad2 also has built in microphone and camera and speaker, so the problem is the setting. Ensure the volume of the ipad2 is set to maximum and at the bottom of the SKYPE screen speaker next to the red telephone is chosen.
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ipad volume unable to increase

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