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iPad Contacts

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Novel Tourist
Really pathetic, they just released 4.0 of the iPad version and still no multiple numbers per user. FIX THIS, SKYPE!!!!
Casual Adventurer
omg I just unwrapped today's update like an Xmas present and the Skrynch said settle down sparky... shoot, how can you seriously claim bug fixes without addressing this one??
Novel Tourist
I just registered for the first time to comment only on this. It's unbelievable this wasn't addressed with 4.0. To the Community Manager / whoever reads this from Skype - please fix this ASAP. Thanks.
Casual Adventurer
Problem is still present! In iPad contacts it does not properly display all numbers and no way to select! Is anyone paying attention to this? How can this bug be still present 6 months and counting. If its not to be fixed simply remove this list... It's kind of useless as is!
Novel Adventurer

Big problem, needs fixed.

Novel Tourist
Huge issue this one! Terrible use Skype like that...
Casual Tourist

I have also just registered purely to post on this topic.


The first post on this thread was in August 2011. It is now late June 2012, nearly a year later! Problem still exists.





Casual Adventurer

.... and I thought Skype was bad on the iPhone... when I select an iPad contact I get ONLY the first number listed for that contact and no way to change it.  THIS IS NOT A NEW ISSUE!  

To make matters worse (if possible) I figured I could go back to the iPad contacts and re-arrange the list of phone numbers so that the first one is the one I need in Skype.  But when I returned to Skype the old number was still the only one showeing.  HELLO SKYPE ANYONE HOME?  I finally had to delete the contact entirely and re-enter it with the first number which I needed Skype to use.  DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE?  I actually pay for this service??  Now I know THAT makes no sense.

Novel Tourist

Also I have a number of contacts that I want to add to a Group but there seems no way to be able to do that? If anyone knows please post. Thanks. Skype you need to sort out the Ipad version there are some serious bugs!!

Novel Tourist
It looks like with the last update, that when you press the call button on an ipad contact, you are given the option to select which phone number for a contact you want to use. Glad this is finally fixed.
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