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iPad 2 contact list changes

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How do you modify your Skype contact list with an IPad 2 ?
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To delete a contact tap and hold on a contact until you see the small X at the corner of contacts.

To add a contact just press the + sign at the top right corner of the screen.


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Sorry this simply does not work.Rather than continually repeat myself, please see my other posts. Why has Skype released a version for iPad that clearly is not functional?
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Why do you ask such question? Why this is not work for you but work for other?
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Not working for me either
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This replay does not work, indeed. Try to manage lists on Ipad 2, and you will see. All you can do is delete a contact. What about creating a new list, etc., on the Ipad 2 App?
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Not sure how old this thread is. Has this question ever been resolved? I want to manage my contact lists on my ipad3 but can't find a way to do it. None of the standard IOS methods seem to work. Alternately, is there a way to do this via the Skype website?
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