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iPad 2 - Skype - two way video calls not working

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Novel Adventurer
Where is the answer to this problem????
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I'm very sorry to hear that so many of you have iPad video problems. 


This has been raised with our development team with the highest priority. Unfortunately there is currently no workaround and no solution available. Please follow our blog to be informed about new Skype versions and features. 


Please accept my deepest apologies regarding this video problem. 

If answer was helpful please give Kudos and if issue is resolved mark it with solution for other users. Thanks!
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Casual Tourist

Has this video issue with the ipad 2 been resolved yet?  I am still unable to see my contact but my contact can see me.  Any info from Skype would be appreciated.



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Novel Tourist
The video at my end is not working at all. I can see my contact. Only the voice call works at the test as well.
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I am having problems seeing incoming video when trying to attempt a video to video chat. The other party can see me but on my end it states initiating video. I have created a test account and that shows same when mirroring. I am using Skype for iPad with current update. You stated that there is no solution a month ago, but the development came out with a update recently that didn't even address this problem!?!? It appears that some people are having problems with video and others are not. How is that possible when it's the same Skype for IPad program?
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I am also having this problem (my contact sees me, but I just get an "initializing video" message). I had this issue a few months ago, and updated skype, and it still doesn't work. Tested my contact's video with another person, and it's working fine - just the iPad 2 is having this issue. Skype really needs to fix this problem!
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I'm having the same issue. I can see myself in the video, here the other person talking, but can't see them and they can't see me. Skype...this is a big problem!! Please address ASAP. Thank you!
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Novel Adventurer
oops...I meant "HEAR"....
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Me too.


Video called a couple of times - worked fine. Now - nothing. Can hear but no video.


Is anyone doing anything to rectify???

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I bought my 84 year old mother an iPad2 specifically so she could videochat with children and grandchildren using Skype. As with others on this list, she can send video but she can't receive. The screen wrongly reads "initiating video" but nothing happens. Other devices, both computers and iPhones, work fine. It is way past time for Skype to fix this, and to stop advertising an iPad2 product that is defective.

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