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iOS 5 problem!

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you have turn off the sound notification from settings for iphone 4 and it works!!!

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If anyone is having a problem with this just go to your settings, then to notifications, then find skype (it should be under "not in notification center") then select it, turn notification center on, you can have either the banner or the normal alert, badge app icon on, sounds on, and view in lock screen on


worked for me!

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Excellent... Notifications is the issue .. Solved the issue, its not bug but a setting needs to be changed...
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Can someone tell me how to ugrade my iPad 2 to IOS version 5 I am attempting to get a group video call to work Jody
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Definitive answer if you cannot hear your Skype calls for iPad 1) in settings notification - make sure Skype is set to on 2) in general sounds make us you have selected a ringtone 3) in Skype setting make sure sound is on And finally, double click the home button, and in the background icons swipe to the right to show some quick access settings. Make sure the mute button is not on.
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So for me, this was nearly the right answer. I must have had the iPad muted at the time I changed the 'use side switch' setting to Lock Rotation. By changing the setting to Mute, then flicking the side switch back and forth to unmuted position, it all now works.
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