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how to delete recent calls or recent chat or chat history ????????????

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when will be future???? that's incredible, I will delete this app
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I think some steps are omitted in earlier replies! To delete a recent chat in iPad go to the list under RECENT. Select (touch) the item to be deleted and swipe to the right. A red DELETE appears to the right of the selected item. Touch this DELETE. The item is moved to HISTORY. Now touch HISTORY. A list appears that will now include the item deleted from RECENT along with a NO ENTRY sign on the left side of the item to be deleted. Touch EDIT on top right side. All the items now change to GO sign. Touch the item to be deleted. The desired item is deleted. A bit convoluted procedure- but one gets used to it after a while.
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As I mention previously, it is not real delete. When you choose a contact,touch CHAT,the previous chat content can be download again as you scroll down the screen.
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i'm with you that i have the same delete then all back again. ive even unistalled and installed agin and still the problem is there all of the chat history none of the delete buttons work!!!

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i do all that and still history has not been deleted


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Hello, I also have same problem, I really need to delete my history and nothig can be done. Skype: you have the responsability to answer this matter!!! Why skype is ignoring our request?
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Accepted by Claudius (Community Manager)
‎28-08-2015 11:00
Please update to today's 3.6 release from the App Store which fixes the returning deleted conversations.

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