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how to delete recent calls or recent chat or chat history ????????????

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want to know how to delete recent calls or recent chat or chat history ????????????

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Accepted by Claudius (Community Manager)
‎28-08-2015 11:00
Please update to today's 3.6 release from the App Store which fixes the returning deleted conversations.

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Deleting history on Skype for iPad is currently not available in the app. Will be added in the future.


If answer was helpful please mark it with Kudos and if issue is resolved mark it with solution. This will help other users find this answer more easily. Thanks in advance!
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Any time line for this. It's a bummer!
That column on the app is gonna get full quick & I don't like keeping clutter

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This is a horrible oversight. 


This needs to be at the top of the list. That sidebar fills up very quick and I do not like having things stuck there. I can't remember what is an on-going chat and what is old. Being able to move the more recent to the top is a good idea as well.


This needs to be solved soon.



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It works just like on the Mac desktop.


Recent conversations are at the top, under "Recent".  After a certain time period, they are moved to History.  if you open something in History, it gets moved back to Recents.  If you clear something from Recents (swipe the contact name/chat name under Recent), it goes to History.

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Open up history, press edit, press the little red 'no entry' sign that appears against the item, this will then reveal a delete button. Press delete and hey presto! Item deleted.

It worked for me, but not much else did!
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@Skype_fanboy: Correct... but when you log out from the iPAD and login again, voila... you have all history back.
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Solution- DON'T LOG OUT! ( sorry, that sounds like a micro$oft solution!)

I didn't know that. I have had so many problems that I reverted to the iPhone app instead.
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Hi Andre,


why did you move the posts to the MAC version? It was correctly placed as the problem is an iPAD problem. The MAC version works fine and you can really delete recent and history. On the iPAD you can do as well but as soon as you log out and log in again the "old" and deleted records are back....





PS: Any ETA on that issue?

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