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how do i use a bluetooth headset with skype mobile for iphone 4?

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right now skype mobile on my iphone 4 doesn't seem to utilize my bluetooth headset even when its paired. how do i get it to use the headset?

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At this time Skype for iPhone does not support bluetooth headsets at all. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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As of today. The newest version of Skype iOS now supports BT headsets
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It certainly does not. I've tried three BT headsets. None work in Skype. All work in other iPhone apps.

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Any news on this? I have the same problem with Skype Mobile on Android. Seems like it should be a basic feature for a mobile app so people can use Skype Mobile while shopping or driving their car hands free.

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Hi glatourette,


There is a separate post by Skype asking for user feedback on this problem, including the headsets that are involved. I'm hoping the more of us that give feedback, the more chance there is of it being fixed.

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Thanks - I don't see the link to that other post in your reply. Can you share it with us?

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