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editing contacts phone numbers on iphone not possible

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For Skype on the iPhone (and apparently on the iPad?), there is no way to change an existing contact's phone number. The workaround seems to be to add a new contact for that person with the new phone number. Then get that contact to change his/her phone number in Skype (right?)


As an aside, on my Windows PC Skype app, it took me a while, but I found I could edit the phone number there, by clicking the little arrow head to the right of the "Call Mobile" button, hovering on the Mobile number, and then clicking on the pencil symbol to its right, which is used either to edit the number, or delete it.


This information is no doubt elsewhere on the Forum, much as the needle is somewhere in the proverbial haystack.

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Shame, disgusting , horrific, idiotic.
They had a big meeting - Microsoft and Skype together - and MS asked themselves how we ruin this lovable useful app. Let's make it completely impossible to manage, edit or change the contacts. Great idea! This is exactly what people want!!!

Thank you Microsoft for taking over Skype and then destroying it!!!! Microsoft is always curious why people don't like it... Here's an example.
MS skype is on its knees begging people to switch to a different application.

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I quite agree. What is/are the name(s) of the person(s) responsible? He/She/They should be named and shamed. All I want to do is edit a contact to add a new number. I can't. I want to pass on someone's number to a friend but after I have created the contact I cannot get in to see what the number is. I am very annoyed.
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Exactly... More then 10 years I have been using skype almost on a daily base. I pay for skype out every month. Now I am not even allowed to see my contacts info, cannot edit , cannot change a number. Contacts which I created carefully and have information such as addresses and notes are all gone.

Just because someone at MS felt like doing it - completely insane and against all logic. Who decides on such drastic negative changes ??? Why everything that works well has to be harmed in the name of another graphic interface or another update?
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Totally agree.  The old Skype app was FANTASTIC.   I could do everything I wanted on it-- edit contacts, listen to voicemail, everything that was important to me.


This new Skype for iPhone app is HORRIBLE.  They deleted most of the features, leaving nothing left but a way to place a call or SMS. 


Did a contact change their number?  Too bad for you-- you can't edit the contact anymore.  Gotta start over with a new record and KEY IN EVERYTHING AGAIN.


Someone leave a voicemail?  Too bad-- you can't listen to it.  Gotta wait until you get home to your laptop or PC to hear it.  No way to hear it on the mobile device anymore.


Whoever is responsible for this train wreck should be not just fired, but publicly named and shamed.  No excuse, no justification.  I'm paying $60 a year (skype-out plus skype-number) and have to use a worthless piece-of-crap app as Microsoft/Skype's way of saying "thanks".


Forget it.  I'm just going to upgrade my cell plan and ditch Skype when my paid-thru term expires.

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In my Laptop Skype,   I can change the phone number,   but when I go to my iPad version,  the phone numbers remain untouched.   why can't skype transfer that to other devices.   Also,  Facebook is now integrated with Skype,   shame on M$ for bastardizing Skype.   So,  really,  what is a workaround please.    This is absolurely rediculous.   Now,  I have to go to my contacts list and copy and paste it into the Phone number box....  HOW CRUDE is that,  and why is M$ really punish us,  by taking this extra step.


So,   really,   what IS the workaroound.


This thread is a bit old but the workaround I did was on my desktop, where I was able to edit a contact by opening Skype, pulling down from top bar at Contacts, clicking on Rename... From there I was able to edit and add numbers fairly easily to an existing contact.  I next went to my iPhone 5 w current Skype SW (today is January 2, 2015) and closed Skype (double click Home button, finger swipe up on Skype, see ya). When I reopened Skype, new contact info was there.  

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Using the 3rd-party iphone assistant software to manage iphone 4/5/6 data on computer,  and I know a tool named Coolmuster, which ever helped me transfer iphone data to computer.

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But the problem is still there. You can edit your contacts using your phone. That's pretty lame. Big issue if you have to change any contact information or access some information (like address, email, etc.)


Others has expressed very well this problem.

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19th century mindset.
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