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don't get a ring for incoming call

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Novel Adventurer

I have an iPad2 (just got it).  Set up Skype and it works fine... except that there is no ring tone when I have an incoming call.  I have confirmed that Notification Center is set to ON for Skype.  


When the call is connected the sound is fine.  So that seems to rule out a hardware problem.  


Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem?  Thanks.

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Novel Tourist
Go to Settings on iPad, General, use side switch to: Either check Lock Rotation instead of mute, or turn side switch off regardless of whether mute or lock rotation is checked.
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Novel Tourist
I have the same problem, and it isn't to do with the mute button. Is it a software problem?
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Novel Tourist
Me too, it was fine for ages, but now I don't get any sound for any incoming calls, either video or phone. Any suggestions out there?
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Novel Adventurer
I had same problem and discovered my iPad was on mute. Only affected the incoming raining sound ond not the audio from the call
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