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country code on iphone app

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I have somehow gotten the country code on my iphone programmed to China. I want the preference to be France. I have changed the preference on my computer and again on my account online and it is set on my computer but the iphone still comes up china.


Please how do I set a country code preference on the iphone 4?




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Hi. Sorry I can't help - I also have this problem! It would be great if someone could please respond and tell me how to change or remove the default country code.  I used to live in the UK and now I live in Australia. The country code in my Skype app on my iPhone defaults to +44 for the UK but probably 99% of my calls are to Australian numbers (+61). If the full number with +61 code is saved in my iPhone contacts list, this works fine. But if I try to insert a contact from my address book who doesn't have a country code saved, which is most of them, then Skype adds +44 to the front.  What's more, the Skype app doesn't allow me to magnify and move the cursor in the phone number field, so the only way is to remember the 10 digits of the Australian number, then backspace to remove the entire number so I get rid of the +44, then retype from memory.  The fact that I don't need to include the +61 tells me that the country code is irrelevant when using Skype to dial Australian numbers from within Australia. Surely this suggests it would be more user-friendly to have no country code as the default?
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Go to my info -> my profile and then change your Country.

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Hi . Benno from Torquay in Oz . My little girl ( who is actually 18.5 years ) just went to England for a year and I miss her terribly :-(
Anyway , finally got on Skype by adding ... + before the Oz number less the first 0 in your mobile number i.e. if your Oz number is : 0437 513 865 enter : +6147513865
Hope this helps ! Miss ya Alex !
Cheers from Torquay Vic in Oz
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Changing your country doesn't change the default...
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