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can't use skype on my iphone 4 via 3G !!!

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Dear skype team /


I'm suffering from aproblem which is when i sign in from my iphone 4 through 3G network it really sign in but i can't call any contact or even chat ,but if i sign in via Wi-Fi i use the programme normally and it's really perfect ,so what i'm suppossed to do ??

N.B. I uninstall the application & re install many times but  still the same problem .


Thank You/

Mohanned emam


contact e-mail xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

contact number:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





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Norman Musgrave - Skype Forum Moderator. 

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I suspect your problem is with your cellular carrier and/or your data connection.


What results do you get if you run a test at while on 3G only?


You didn't say who your cellular provider is, but have you checked with them to see if they block Skype connections?

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Dear Skype Team /


I would like to Thank you ,i have called my network carrier Mobinil egypt and they told me that the skype application is locked in mobinil.

  Best Regards /

            mohanned emam

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I was affraid of that.   But at least you know what the problem is and you can still use Skype via wifi.


Good luck.

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I can't sign in to my skype account both by wifi and 3g
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