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call recording - help turning it off

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i just got Skype for the iPad and when I am on a call the border on the iPad home screen comes on red and says Skype recording. how do I turn is off and how do. get access to the recorded call files ? thanks
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The red "double-high" bar shown at the top of your screen is actually shown by Apple for any application that is using the microphone in the background and it shows "App name (recording)" by default for any app that uses the microphone in the background. This also applies to Skype while there is a call in progress. (it's the iOS notification that creates the confusion) - in reality no calls are recorded.

I hope this explains it. 


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I have the same problem as Jt99. I just installed Skype on my iPad and tried the test call but the test call and the red Skype (recording) bar won't turn off. How do I turn off the test call?
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I believe that I'm getting the skype recording red bar during instances when I'm in *other* apps. For example, I've been playing a station on Slacker ... (an older version of slacker 2.1.4 for iphone, that doesn't have any microphone or recording functionality) ... then poof, up pops the skype mic bar. I've had it happen too while in Safari. No microphone functionality there that I'm aware of...
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It is a solution! 10x!
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I was using Skype on iPad and accidentally pushed the big bottom of iPad and then I saw that red bar Skype recording. My first toughts were that my husband installed some programs to control my calls), because I don't remember any red bottoms to show up before . So is that possible that there might be some program like paternal control for Skype on iPad ?? )
And if it's true , how to find those files ??
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Please help me, I was searching Internet for an answer but it's to complicated for me (
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You need to be careful if you see that a Skype call is recording. When I used to Skype with my boyfriend, I noticed that when I minimized the Skype call screen and did an internet search while the call was still in progress, there was a red bar above the internet browser that said "Skype Call Recording". In the past when I Skyped, that bar had only said "Skype Call in Progress." I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he insisted it was nothing, even sent me a link to this thread with other people agreeing that it's nothing. Eight months later, I found out he'd purchased a software called Evaer to record our calls without my knowledge. If you see that alarming little "recording" notice, it's not kidding- the call is literally recording. So keep your clothes on.

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call recording-help turning it off
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How to turnoff Skype recording ? It shows skype recording while talking, does it recorded ?
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