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Casual Tourist

How can I solve this problem above so that I can use my skype again on my iphone?

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Novel Tourist
I've got same error on my iPad so would appreciate any help with how I can log in.
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Novel Tourist

Hi, I've just updated the IOS on Iphone 4 and had the DB_IO_Error. Tried all solutions but after changining the Skype settings Go offline to 'immediately' and autolog to 'off', I restarted the phone and now I can log in to Skype.

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Novel Tourist
I just received this message for the first time yesterday. Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed for iPads? Thanks
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Novel Adventurer

Please help, I have the same error: DB_IO_ERROR

I need to make overseas calls, that is why I bought the subscription.

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Novel Tourist

I have this problem on my mac air, can anyone help? thanks

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Casual Tourist
I have DB 10 ERROR show up when I try to log on to my account. What do I do?
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Novel Tourist
Hi, I have installed 4.6 version today on my IPAD 4 but unable to sign in. It keeps showing the message "Signing in..."
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Novel Adventurer

I'm getting this same error on Aug 23, 2013. I have the latest version of Skype for iPhone and it doesn't fix the problem. I can sign in on my PC's, but not on my iPhone.


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Novel Adventurer

I read that deleting Skype from the iPhone and re-downloading solved the problem for someone else. And it just did for me, too. Thanks, community.

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