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Same problem!

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Since the last Skype upgrade for Ipad it seems that this error is occurring. What is Skype doing to help people?
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Had same error, tried all suggestions, but here is the one that worked for my iPad . Delete the history by double clicking the button on face of pad to bring up history of used apps which will show at very bottom. Hold finger on app until they all jiggle and then touch the circled minus (-) on each app. It only removes the app history, it does no harm. Good luck
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I am having repeatedly the same problem with my iPhone 4.
Deleting the history seems to work most of the time, but let's hope Skype gets to grip with the underlying problem and gives us a fix soon! It is driving me mad!
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Same problem. Have reinstalled a few times, but error still keeps showing up.

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Reinstalling has worked for me on iPhone 4 and iOS 5.1.1 so far. Hope we'll get an update soon anyways.
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Dear Team

I have IPhone 4s and it's throwing same error since yesterday(10-05-2012) and I am unable to call from skype. Plz help me urgently.



Gagan Pant


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Just delete it and download one more time :wink:This works just once and does not load any contact picture... if signed out again the bug shows up!

By Regards
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This actually worked for me on my ipad, I think that Skype should fix the problem in their software if it is that problem.
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I have tried to download it 2 times more, but it does not work. I still have this troble with my Ipad2, DB_IO_ERROR

What shall I do?

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