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Will chat history appear on a different mobile?

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Novel Adventurer

I hope this is in the right category but my bf wants to share each other's password and I don't mind but I don't want him to view my previous convo with my ex bf (which was ages ago) and so I deleted chat history on my computer's skype but I was wondering when he signs into my account with another computer or mobile will the chat history appear? or  when someone messages him while in my skype account, will the chat history appear?


thank you 

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Former Ambassador

Pardon me for asking what may be a dumb question, but rather than risk any privacy issues, why share one Skype account?  Why don't you just get your new guy to create a Skype name of his own?

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Novel Adventurer

Thank you for replying. Well, he already has a skype account. He just wanted us to share our passwords because that's what lovers do in his country. So I just wanted to know what would happen if he signed onto my account from his mobile.

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Whew.  My lover (my wife) and I share our bank account password but not our Skype passwords.


Anyway, if your lover signs in to your account on his phone, and a contact you had an IM chat with is online at the time, then yes, he likely would see the chat you had with that contact.

Please note: I do not respond to requests for help via Private Message.
Novel Adventurer

Understood. Thank you so much for replying and answering my question. (^_^) I really appreciated it. :bigsmile:

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