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Wifi to 3G

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My husband is trying to Skype me using his 3Gnetwork! He has an I phone and me an iPad. I'm using wifi. It's not staying connected, keeps dropping video calls, lagging, and freezing. 


Is there something we're doing wrong? We're both on our Skype names. 


I just wish it would work.

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You're probably not doing anything wrong.  3G connectivety can be very variable in the quality of connecting to the Internet.  And, for that matter, wifi can be less that 100% reliable too.


To try to pin down where the problem lies, you and your hubby might both get the app for your iPhone/iPad and run a test with the app.  Report back the results here.  That may shed some light on where the problem lies.



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Thank you very much!

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Not sure what any of thismeans, buts the results are


6.22 Mbps Download

0.52 Mbps upload

97 mg ping

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The download is good, and means you shouldn't have any trouble receiving video.  The upload is OK for sending video in standard definition, and the ping is...ok.


Ask your better half to run the same test and lets see what he gets.



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