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Using ipod touch - cannot see caller, they can see me

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No problem on my PC running windows 7.  Issue is on my ipod (brand new not sure what version).  The caller can see me, I cannot see them.  I see what THEY see which is ME over my full screen!  This happens with all contacts, not only one.  It happens with callers on Android phones as well as iphones as well as callers using a PC.  I've read many posts to try and find an answer but I don't see where this issue has been resolved.  Thanks for your help.  By the way, Skype version is 3.6.218 (I assume the latest as I just added the app last week).

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This may sound like a stupid suggestion but here goes anyway:


Has the person you are calling activated his or her camera? Just because you are initiating a video call, does not mean that the cameras on both units are automatically activated as the other person picks up the call. He or she needs to manually turn on his or her camera, using the camera icon in Skype for iOS, Android, PC or Mac.


The reason for this setup is that it is entirely possible that the person you are calling does not want to have a video conversation because he or she might not look their best when the call is coming. Therefore the default is set up so that when you receive a video call, you will have to manually turn on your camera in Skype.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the suggestion however, yes, other caller has video turned on.  And I can see them on my PC (I tested this once when I could not see caller on my ipod.  I called them back from PC and all was ok.).  Any other suggestions?

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Dear lisab,

Have you found a way to solve this problem? I have exactly the same one, though calling from an iPhone 4.




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its not possible on the ipod or andriod phones, i looked it up & read a lot of stuff. it all said the same thing, that skype doesnt support that, or not made it, so you can see the other person on those devices.

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