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Using an apple headphone with mic with skype on Ipad 1

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hi I'm an Ipad 1 64 Gb Wi-fi owner. Is it possible to use an original "Apple Earphones with Mic" with an Ipad 64 Gb wi-fi? I'm asking this because my device doesn't recognize the mic input, and record with its built in mic even if this "earphone with mic" is plugged in. I tried different earphones to check if the problem is with the earphone, but nothing changed.I sent my device to an authorized apple service in my country, they told me that "you can't use this kind of earphone with microphones with Ipad 1". You can use this feature with Ipad 2. Because Ipad 1 doesnt't support mic input. Is that true or realy is my device defected? Thanks.

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I am using a standard Apple headset with microphone with my 1st gen iPad, and also Skype works for me with it. Also Skype is designed to work any headset/microphone that you plug in to your iPad, and that are recognized by your iPad. 


If your iPad does not recognize the headset, then it is also not possible to use it with Skype. Please refer to Apple support/store to find out which type of headset works with your iPad. 


Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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