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Unable to log into Skype with Microsoft Account

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I've experienced two problems with the Skype app for iPhone so far, and a third with the Skype website itself. 


1) I was unable to create a Skype account using the Skype app in my iPhone 5 because there isn't a signup option anywhere within the app. 


2) I can't sign in using my Microsoft Account ID using the app. It insists that I use my Skype userid, which leads to the third problem.


3) I am unable to create a password for my Skype account because the site insists I use my Windows account to log in. The option to reset my Skype "password" did not work--Skype sent some code to my email which unfortunately did not work.


Issue #1 isn't a big deal because users can easily overcome it by using the website but I would greatly appreciate help with either issues #2 or #3. Thanks!

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Skype doesn't even give me an option to sign in with my Microsoft account. Sounds like they haven't figured how to properly migrate from Messenger to Skype yet.
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Just discovered that even though Skype said I had the latest version it wasn't. I had uninstall and then download version 6. Now I can properly sign in.
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Same here.. I created a new account using the microsoft ID, but I can only login on my PC. Iphone, Ipad, and even this "support network" wont recognice the new ID starting with 'live:'


Seems like its still only available for PC as it is in BETA. But that did not show when I created the account.


Can anybody from skype inform us when this will be activated??



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Any news?

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Same problem here: Topic

iPhone4 latest IOS

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Has there been any update to a way around this issue? i have just purchased my iphone 5 and still cant get into skype through my microsoft details on my phone... very frustrating!!!
I also have the support network issue and the issue with the change password code not working.... have either of these issues been fixed either?
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