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US to South Africa not Connecting

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Using Skype on my iPhone and cannot connect to any South African numbers. I have Skype credit. I believe that I have the correct number format (have tried several combinations to make sure I did it right the first time). Seems like a simple thing that I have simply missed and am not used to on the mobile technology.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you Skype community.
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To call South Africa, make sure to use the +27 country code, and drop the leading zero from the city/area code you're trying to reach.  For example, to call a landline phone in Cape Town you would start with +27 21 followed by the 7-digit phone number.  Same thing with calls to mobile phones - drop the leading zeroes from those area codes.


Good luck!



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I have the same problem, but only for mobile numbers. I am in Sweden and regularly call South African land lines with no problem. Every time I type in a mobile number it says the number does not exist. I KNOW it is correct (my husband's number I have been dialling for the 12 years he has had it!) - why can't I call a mobile in SA on Skype?? Pse help!

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For the last few months we have not been able to connect to any mobile number in South Africa from the U.S either. Land lines work a charm, but hardly anyone I know has a landline number these days.


Thanks in advance for your attention Skype Team


Kind regards,

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I suggest you contact customer service and ask them to look into the problem you're having.  Fellow users on this forum don't have the necessary tools to do so.


Give C/S some specific numbers that won't go through and hopefully they'll be able to come up with a solution.

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Cant make or receive a skype call from someone in South Africa. can message just fine but cant connect.

any help from skype would be greatly appreciated

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Try the following site:


It will spit out the number you need to key in to your Skype dial pad, when you give it information about where you are calling from and the number you are trying to call.

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Ur help is entertaining!
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