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Taking a call off hold

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I have the latest skype app on my iphone 4 and when i am in a voice chat with someone, and someone else calls me on my phone, the skype call is automatically put on hold. And when i try to get the call off of hold once i am done with my phone call, there is no way to do it other than hang up and call back. I was wondering if that was the only way, or if there is an option to take it off hold on the app?

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Cmon Skype! 


Any replies to this?    

Same here - have tried about everything I can imagine - there is no way to take the call off hold. That's just ridiculous!



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I also do not know how to take a call off hold.  Please help.

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Looks like another apple Skype clash.
When they gonna stop frantically throwing sticks in front of any other companies apps in order to trip them, anytime they have the slightest counter interest, in this case, FaceTime, that must remain superior.
I say this because it turns out that many apps, once opened, will push Skype into hold, according to apples backgrounding policies.
Try playing a song, opening voice memo, puffin web browser etc.. Not gonna check all my apps now to see what else will cause it, but I'm sure there are more.
Point being that then YOU'RE STUCK WITH A CALL ON HOLD, and can't get back into the conversation.
Skype? Any suggestions please?

I.E. I recall using Skype on iOS 5 and having to close the app and reopen it upon every dropped call (which would happen often) just so I can get another call through, and get out of "offline".
So Skype backgrounding had improved a lot with iOS 6.
But the hold issue? Any suggestions Skype? The internet's full of people asking this same question.
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If anyone else has this problem, just say "yeah".
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On my iPad I just slide in from the left and resume it from the left pane.

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On my airplane I just slide you out the left door.
You totally made me put this issue aside for two weeks thinking maybe I didn't find the option!
So do me a favor, this is an iPhone topic.
Now why are we not getting an answer??!!
How do you take a call off hold once its interrupted by a different app that uses the sound API, and cuts the call in the middle, according to apples setup for third party communication apps?
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Try closing out the app that was playing and the 'resume call' banner should pop up. It works for me with music and YouTube videos. Sometimes it works automatically but when it doesn't this usually works for me.
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I'm pretty sure I tried that, but I'll give it a through check again.
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And sorry about my harsh reply frebib, I'm just really frustrated with this whole thing.
Thanks for trying to help though.
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