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Skype using Cellular data when on Wifi and when not in use?

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Over the last 3 months I have been getting warnings from AT&T that my cellular data is used up. I finally learned how to look at data usage by app on my iphone and noticed that Skype has been using many times more cellular data than all other apps put together. The strange thing about it is that I am almost always on Wifi and I haven't been using Skype at all during the last 3 months. What could account for this cellular data usage?

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I am having the same problem. I always has Skype log in on my iphone all the time. Last month, Skype used 215mb of my data even though I don't used Skype at all for the past 6 months. Is there a Skype tech I can contact? Hope, it's not someone hacked my account & used my data??? I am thinking to delete Skype App from my iphone & use some other App...

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I'm also having a problem with Skype data usage. 


I'm mostly on WiFi and from 21.02.2014, Skype has used 175 Mb of data. In that time period I have only exchanged around 200 text messages and they were most over WiFi. No voice calls, no video calls, no files sent...

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Same problem here. Wifi here and at work. I never make or receive vid calls on my iOS device, just my desktop pcs. I mainly IM and this is via the desktop. I love having the ability for people to IM me when I'm away from my PC, I hate it when it costs me 300 - 500 MB a month just for "syncing" messages from my desktop (I don't use IM that much, usually only 10 - 15 lines of text a day).

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...same here too, data-usage alerts from my provider, and their usage logs showing frequent regular bursts of 768KB mobile data being consumed throughout the day and night, both when on wi-fi and when not.  This is using Skype 4.17.126 on an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1, and i've gone through to \Settings \Cellular \Use Cellular Data For and reset all statistics before walking to the cafe next door to work to buy a sandwich and come back to my desk.  Skype was running in the background, but not opened directly or used for any call/chat/video/etc, and by the time i returned to my desk ten minutes later it had already consumed about 914KB.


i'm disabling 3G from Skype, because this leakage is at once baffling, ridiculous, expensive, and terrible.

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I was googling why my Skype used cellular data when on WiFi and found this topic. This has been happening to me too (iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1). I recently started letting Skype run in the background and also experience Skype using a lot(!) of data in the background.

Some feedback from any developers would be appreciated. It's clearly not an isolated problem. The reason why not more are complaining is because they probably have these huge 1-2GB+ data plans that are barely available in some countries.
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...yes, i'm in New Zealand on a corporate-supplied mobile telephone that has only a 500MB/month cellular-data limit, and any overusage is charged at $0.26/MB, so the Skype client eating 1.3MB in ten minutes while running in the background is terrifying.


"Ryan R", the real-person chat-based helper i connected with at Microsoft was really helpful, but could only offer that "the developers are looking at it" and that "the only way to avoid this is by logging out of the program".


i've gone one step further:


* i've logged out of Skype

* i've closed the Skype application

* i've used the settings on my phone to deny Skype access to 3G, forever


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Similar issues here.  Is there a Skype developer or tech support person that can respond to this?  100MB+ data usage over a few days with no voice or video calls.

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I've also been billed for extra data usage this month on my Iphone by ATT.  This is the first time I have ever gone over the limit.   Skype is the only app on the phone that appears to be using 100's of MB of data even though I have only made a couple calls and they have all been on WIFI.


Skype, Apple,   please fix this.  I'm removing Skype from my phone until this is fixed.

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Having the same issues, 2.2Gb of data consumed and only use Skype for chat on the iPhone.
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